SWIMAIR is an Authorized Distributor for The Paddock Evacuator™

Why You Need It

The stinky “pool smell” that you think is chlorine, actually isn’t. It’s the by-products caused by chlorine mixing with sweat, body oil and urine – found in abundance in every indoor pool. These by-products are called “chloramines.”

There are different types of chloramines, including some that dissolve in pool water. Trichloramines, however, do not dissolve in pool water, and are released into the air. That’s primarily what causes “that smell.” But what’s worse is that these trichloramines are actually toxic and corrosive.

They eat through metal, destroy HVAC and pool equipment and wreak havoc with our bodies. Swimmers, pool staff, volunteers and spectators can easily develop headaches, irritated eyes, sinus problems, coughing, asthma and more.

What It Does

The Evacuator™ is a patents-pending, revolutionary chloramine removal system that replaces bad air with fresh air.

It is the only system that collects and removes the chloramine laden air found close to the water surface. This is where the bulk of the irritants that cause eye, nose and throat problems are found.

The Evacuator™ is a GREEN SYSTEM and lends itself well for LEED accreditation as it reduces power consumption and provides improved air quality.

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